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I Become an Author 3 - Your Creative Paradigm

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Nur wer schreibt, der bleibt! I will be the next Jo Nesbö. But for now I have to learn a bit. The funny way. This is what Randy Ingermanson says.



“Don’t great writers write dozens and dozens of drafts of their novel until they get it right?” Goldilocks said.

Baby Bear laughed. “Yes, if they’re seat-of-the-pants writers. They have to. But Snowflakers don’t. Just let me finish drawing my snowflake, and you’ll see why.”

Please read the book to see how the drawing of a snowflake explains it all.

“Well, Goldilocks, you’ve tried outlining, and it didn’t work for you. You’ve tried seat-of-the-pants writing, and it didn’t work for you. What do you have to lose by trying the Snowflake Method?”

The door suddenly flew open with a tremendous bang. A large, evil-looking wolf wearing a mask rushed into the room. He pointed a huge handgun at Baby Bear and fired.

Baby Bear grabbed his chest.

Blood squirted out.