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@mapkyca @withknown Thank you. The new twitter plugin works fine. By the way I espacially like your photo: you drinking near Berlin-Alexanderplatz.


Nachdem @ChrisAldrich den Hinweis gab, dass es ein neues Twitter-Plugin für @withknown gibt, welches die neuen 280 Zeichen ermöglicht, habe ich es gleich installiert. Das hier ist jetzt ein Test. Hoffentlich klappt es.


@ChrisAldrich - I have found your opend issue: - I still have to wait, I am afraid. Thank you for writing the issue.


Hi Chris, I upgraded my known to 0.9.9 in the end. A few status updates do not appear anymore. I think these were so called Reshares. Did you find a solution then? If I am opening the status updates for editing they still exist. I remember I have seen this phenomenon at your site, too?


I have updated to Known 0.9.2 - and my connection to instagram does not work anymore. I have failed to adapt the "hack" to the new endpoint.php and token.php. Which version of Known are you using? Will it work a second time? Here is the "hack":


@ChrisAldrich Tell me if you do so for - I would like to do so either with .


On my ToDo list this summer. Did not know that there is a plugin KnownReactions! Thank you.


Quill Editor

1 min read

Now I am using the Editor of Quill to edit a post to There I have updated to version 0.8.5.

Der Editor im Chromebrowser.

This is the line after the image.


Quill - Editing Posts via Mail

1 min read

Quill Editor

By means of the IndieWeb Editor Quill by Aaron Parecki it is possible to write posts via e-mail.

As a prerequisite you need a twitter account for reasons of authentification. And furthermore you need to have enabled the plugin IndiePub in Known.

This e-mail I wrote:

Mailing to Known


1) Go to

2) Enter your domain. Mine is e.g.

3) Click Authorize.

Quill Authorization

4)  Choose an authentification provider

Quill Authentification provider

5) Click Continue

6) Click on Email and note your new email address given by Quill.

Button  Email

7) Write your email and send it to your Quill email address. Enjoy your new post at your withknown site. This was my resulting post.


E-Mail to Known

Quill gives me the chance of editing a post via mail! So I am writing this
mail to test it. I can even attach a photo that should be published, too!

I will look up what photos I have.