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Quill Editor

1 min read

Now I am using the Editor of Quill to edit a post to There I have updated to version 0.8.5.

Der Editor im Chromebrowser.

This is the line after the image.


Quill - Editing Posts via Mail

1 min read

Quill Editor

By means of the IndieWeb Editor Quill by Aaron Parecki it is possible to write posts via e-mail.

As a prerequisite you need a twitter account for reasons of authentification. And furthermore you need to have enabled the plugin IndiePub in Known.

This e-mail I wrote:

Mailing to Known


1) Go to

2) Enter your domain. Mine is e.g.

3) Click Authorize.

Quill Authorization

4)  Choose an authentification provider

Quill Authentification provider

5) Click Continue

6) Click on Email and note your new email address given by Quill.

Button  Email

7) Write your email and send it to your Quill email address. Enjoy your new post at your withknown site. This was my resulting post.


Connecting Known with Instagram 1 -

1 min read

Connection your Known Site with Instagram

Connecting your Known Site with Instagram works just the other way round than usual. You link your Instagram Site to Known by exporting Instragram photos to Known via

It is a kind of prerequisite that you have a twitter account for reasons of authentification.

These steps must be performed.

  1. Set up an Instagram Account and a Twitter Account
  2. Connect your Instagram Account with
  3. Connect your Instagram Account with
  4. Adapt your Known plugin IndiePup the way Kyle Mahan suggested
  5. Enjoy your photos and likes on your Known Site as well

Step 2 - Since it was fairly simple to connect my Instagram account with I let screenshots speak. Just go to and start.


ownyourgram 1


ownyourgram 2




ownyourgram 4


ownyourgram 5

6) Click Continue


ownyourgram 7


ownyourgram 8


ownyourgram 10


ownyourgram 11


ownyourgram 12 - result in known site


Permalink in Crosspostings

1 min read

<p><a href="" target= "_blank" title="Social Blogging with Known"><img src="" alt="CMS Known" /></a></p>

At the beginning of my Known experience I pressed every button I saw. In the Site Configuration I thougt it a good idea to include permanlinks at crosspostings.

Then I wrote a status update this way:

Eliot @drmacro in the Dita-Users-Group: At the Moment the Dita4Publisher code only works with DITA-OT 1.8.5 .

So it appeared in Twitter:

Tweet with known permalink

But where are the hashtags? It took me several tweets to realize that they were missing. And 2 another tweets to remind this permanent link button. After switching to no again, tweets include the hashtag again.



It took me seconds to connect with twitter and days with facebook

2 min read

CMS Known


Finally I have made it to connect my self hosted Known site with facebook. But unfortunately it took me 2 days. Whereas connecting to Twitter and Flickr took me just a few seconds. What went wrong?

After logging in as so called Faceook Developer my app remained in developement mode. Or in other words: it is not live yet. What could I do?

Facebook developement mode 

I clicked the Getting Started button, of course. And I was very hardworking. I wrote a description, an explanation for permission (I would like to autopost articles from my site to my facebook profile.), I uploaded 4 screenshots out from Known, copied a privacy policy and finally I even made an app icon. I was proud and felt a bit like a student about to graduate.

After 2 days the certificate of my failure came, dressed in red. You do not need to submit any items for approving at all!

Facebook Developer Failure

OK, I asked my friend Google. And even real developers had the same problem:

All I missed was to add a so called Contact Mailaddress in the Settings. It was neither a mandatory fieled nor was there any hint to fill all fields in this tab after submitting. And now they want to know about my app review experience? Unique. Hey, it´s Facebook where all my friends are who do not know what I am doing.

P.S. Don´t forget to visit the Brigdy website to authenticate for facebook.


Life of a Known self hoster

1 min read

is somtimes hard. But today I rewarded myself. I got my little petersell icon parsley back by editing the favicon.tpl.php file.


Retweeten mit Known (

2 min read

CMS Known

Was ist Known?

Seit einer Woche blogge ich mit dem Open Source CMS Known. Es arbeitet mit vielen Technologien des IndieWeb wie Webmentions. Die Idee u.a. dahinter: deine Inhalte gehören Dir und nicht in Inhaltesilos von anderen Firmen. Darum schreibe auf Deinem Blog und sende - so Du willst - eine Kopie des Textes an Twitter, Facebook oder GooglePlus.

Im Juni 2015 bin ich mitten im Lernprozeß, was Known betrifft. Meine Posts sind mehr ein Logbuch meiner Erfahrungen denn eine Darstellung des Optimums.

Kurznachricht weiterleiten

  1. Für sogenannte Erwiderungen (Replies) ist es nützlich, sich ein kleines Bookmarklet in die Linkleiste des Browsers zu legen. Klicken Sie dazu auf Settings > Tools and Apps. Klicken Sie auf die grüne Schaltfläche mit Ihrem Blognamen, halten Sie den Mauszeiger gedrückt und ziehen Sie so die Schaltfläche auf die Linkleiste. Im Ergebnis sehen Sie Ihren Blogtitel als Linkeintrag.

    Bookmarklet Known

  2. Öffnen Sie den Tweet in einem eigenen Tab bzw. Browserfenster, in dem Sie auf die Datumsangabe bzw. Uhrzeiteintrag des Tweets klicken.
  3. Klicken Sie auf Ihr oben erstelltes Bookmarklet.
  4. Aktivieren Sie die Registerkarte Share.

    Share Tweet with known.

  5. Klicken Sie auf die Twitterschaltfläche mit dem entsprechendem Account. (Das würde ich heute nicht mehr machen!)
  6. Klicken Sie auf Publish.


Ergebnis auf Twitter

Retweet auf Twitter

Die URL zeigt auf die eigene Known-Webseite. Erst von dort gelangt der Interessierte weiter. Dieser Umweg ist nicht sinnvoll.


Ergebnis in Known.

Retweet in Known

Der Tweet wird unterhalb mit eingebettet.

Interessante Erfahrung nebenbei zu Bridgy für Twitter: nur Sekunden, nachdem ich den Retweet veröffentlich hatte, wurde der Tweet favorisiert von einem Social Media Experten. Dieser muss ein Skript zu laufen haben, welches jeden Tweet favorisiert, der das Stichwort Social Media enthält. Das Favorisieren erscheint im Known als Star. Öffnet man die die Kommentare und Stars, erscheint der Twitter-Nutzer. Nettes Marketing via Bridgy for Twitter.

Meine Erfahrung

Punkt 5, das Veröffentlichen auf Twitter, ist nicht sinnvoll. Besser ist hier das Einbetten in Known via Bookmarklet - ohne Kopie an Twitter 


How to Connect Your Site with Twitter and Facebook

2 min read

CMS Known

With Known ( you can publish blog posts, photos and media to your own site, and syndicate it to your social networks. POSSE (Post on Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere).

If you do not have access to your web server, or otherwise want to save time, it is a good idea to use Convoy. A service provided by withknown.

Connecting with Twitter

A prerequisite for the Twitter plugin is that you provide a mobile phone number at twitter.

  1. Download the Twitter plugin from
  2. Unzip the files.
  3. Create a twitter folder in the plugins directory of your known installation and copy the files to the twitter folder.
  4. Go to Site configurations > plugins and enable Twitter. Afterwards a Twitter entry appears in the site configuration`s menu.
  5. Click the Twitter entry.
  6. Copy the Callback URL.
  7. In the twitter configuration click on the link create a new application in the  twitter developer portal.
  8. Sign in with your twitter account and click on the Create New App button.
  9. Paste the Callback URL into the corresponding field. Fill in your website URL and give your application a name and a description. Create your App.
  10. Click on the button Test OAuth above right to see the Consumer Secret and copy it.
  11. Return to your known twitter configuration tab and paste the Consumer Secret into the field API Secret.
  12. Fill in the the other application details such as the API Key (Consumer Key).
  13. Go to Settings > Twitter and click Connect Twitter.
  14. Sign in with your twitter account and click Authorize App.

    Testing you app data.

    As soon as you write a new post or so, you can decide to publish your text automatically on twitter by pressing the twitter button showing the corresponding account name.

    Publish my known post to twitter.


Connecting with Facebook

Linking with Facebook is analogous. After copying the files of the facebook plugin from github to your known installation, again you have to activate the new plugin.

As with Twitter, Facebook wants to get your phone number. This time you will even become a developer!

Facebook Developer

Choose Website as platform.

Website platform

Fill in your URL eg.

Pull back the likes and tweets

via Bridgy. Click Settings > Interactions and activate the networks.



Known Installation

1 min read

  1. MySQL-Datenbank beim Webhoster einrichten
  2. Known downloaden
  3. Installationsroutine im Browser starten

Nachdem ich die Known-Dateien auf meinen Webspace übertragen hatte, rief ich auf. Doch es erschien eine Fehlermeldung:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'MyDatabase.config' doesn't exist

Hilfestellung gab mir die Google Group Known Developer:

Temporarily move config.ini out of the way to trigger the installer.

Nach dem ich die config.ini entfernt hatte, öffnete sich nach dem Aufruf von tatsächlich der Installer. Ich hatte das Pech einer veralteten Dokumentation. Eine config-Datei war nicht mehr nötig.

Known Installationsroutine

Nun galt es der Installationsroutine zu folgen. wichtig dabei die Eingabe der MySQL-Datenbankverbindung.

Weiter zur Datenbankverbindung.

Das sogennante Upload-Verzeichnis brauchen Sie nicht zuvor einrichten. Es ist bereits in den Known-Dateien vorhanden. Es wird auch so in der Routine vorgeschlagen:

Upload-Verzeichnis einrichten