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My wish: posting photos from my cms @withknown to pixelfed - or just the other way round. Up to now I am using instagram to post on my known site by means of In the long run I only want to use @pixelfed. Any idea?


I sometimes post on instagram. And with the help of blogging software @withknown and @kylewmahan my photos appear on my homepage via POSSE. But meanwhile I received requests from two persons who liked my pictures on Instagram. But they do not want to stand with their real name on my homepage. I had to delete their likes. I must accept that not everybody wants to cross a


Thanks to @nxd4n I can publish my status updates from my cms @WithKnown to the mastodon fediverse. Thank you.


@mapkyca @withknown Thank you. The new twitter plugin works fine. By the way I espacially like your photo: you drinking near Berlin-Alexanderplatz.


Nachdem @ChrisAldrich den Hinweis gab, dass es ein neues Twitter-Plugin für @withknown gibt, welches die neuen 280 Zeichen ermöglicht, habe ich es gleich installiert. Das hier ist jetzt ein Test. Hoffentlich klappt es.


@ChrisAldrich - I have found your opend issue: - I still have to wait, I am afraid. Thank you for writing the issue.


Hi Chris, I upgraded my known to 0.9.9 in the end. A few status updates do not appear anymore. I think these were so called Reshares. Did you find a solution then? If I am opening the status updates for editing they still exist. I remember I have seen this phenomenon at your site, too?


I have updated to Known 0.9.2 - and my connection to instagram does not work anymore. I have failed to adapt the "hack" to the new endpoint.php and token.php. Which version of Known are you using? Will it work a second time? Here is the "hack":


@ChrisAldrich Tell me if you do so for - I would like to do so either with .


On my ToDo list this summer. Did not know that there is a plugin KnownReactions! Thank you.