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This is my first note made with Quill. I am writing into the field called *content*. But where can I edit a heading?


Embedding a github gist as a whole blogpost into blogging cms works great - @withknown


Connecting Known with Instagram 1 -

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Connection your Known Site with Instagram

Connecting your Known Site with Instagram works just the other way round than usual. You link your Instagram Site to Known by exporting Instragram photos to Known via

It is a kind of prerequisite that you have a twitter account for reasons of authentification.

These steps must be performed.

  1. Set up an Instagram Account and a Twitter Account
  2. Connect your Instagram Account with
  3. Connect your Instagram Account with
  4. Adapt your Known plugin IndiePup the way Kyle Mahan suggested
  5. Enjoy your photos and likes on your Known Site as well

Step 2 - Since it was fairly simple to connect my Instagram account with I let screenshots speak. Just go to and start.


ownyourgram 1


ownyourgram 2




ownyourgram 4


ownyourgram 5

6) Click Continue


ownyourgram 7


ownyourgram 8


ownyourgram 10


ownyourgram 11


ownyourgram 12 - result in known site


Testing Javascript embedding

Audio mitten im Text einbinden.


This is why I love #indieweb. Starring @microformats...

Wie man mit und die Instagram-Likes einsammelt. Derzeit noch schwer zu verstehen, aber hier schon mal auf Wiedervorlage gelegt. Leider gibt es nicht die genaue Syntax der Änderungen. Ich werde wohl auf das Known-Team warten müssen.


Replied to a post on :

Are these your boots? Nice shot. Unfortunately I haven´t made it yet to connect Instagram and via bridgy. I am using "". What did I miss?


Works editing my site via Quill with the Cherwell Theme?


@withknown using bridg.dy for facebook - works with short URLs without german umlauts only. Have to edit blogtitle afterwards for simple URL


It took me seconds to connect my self hosted Known site with twitter but days to connect with facebook.


It took me seconds to connect with twitter and days with facebook

2 min read

CMS Known


Finally I have made it to connect my self hosted Known site with facebook. But unfortunately it took me 2 days. Whereas connecting to Twitter and Flickr took me just a few seconds. What went wrong?

After logging in as so called Faceook Developer my app remained in developement mode. Or in other words: it is not live yet. What could I do?

Facebook developement mode 

I clicked the Getting Started button, of course. And I was very hardworking. I wrote a description, an explanation for permission (I would like to autopost articles from my site to my facebook profile.), I uploaded 4 screenshots out from Known, copied a privacy policy and finally I even made an app icon. I was proud and felt a bit like a student about to graduate.

After 2 days the certificate of my failure came, dressed in red. You do not need to submit any items for approving at all!

Facebook Developer Failure

OK, I asked my friend Google. And even real developers had the same problem:

All I missed was to add a so called Contact Mailaddress in the Settings. It was neither a mandatory fieled nor was there any hint to fill all fields in this tab after submitting. And now they want to know about my app review experience? Unique. Hey, it´s Facebook where all my friends are who do not know what I am doing.

P.S. Don´t forget to visit the Brigdy website to authenticate for facebook.